Rolmak Döküm Sanayi ve Limited Şirketi is a foundry factory operating in Karabük Organized Industrial Zone. Our factory consists of a total closed area of 7000 m2, including 4000 m2 casting hall and 3000 m2 processing workshops. As a facility with a melting capacity of 10 tons, Rolmak Döküm produces rolling rollers and rings, which are indispensable for the Iron and Steel industry.

Our company has adopted quality as a management philosophy. It produces its products, which are the backbone of the iron and steel industry, at international quality and standards, together with its qualified employees who are experts in their fields.

Continuing its operations with the principle of continuity in production and service, Rolmak Döküm supplies the ductile iron rolling rolls, preparation group, middle group and finishing group rolling rollers it produces to the domestic market, as well as continuing its operations in the international market. Continuing its exports to many companies in the leading countries in iron and steel production, Rolmak Döküm is proud to work with the leading companies of the sector within the country.

Rolmak Döküm, which produces rolling rolls with great care and dedication in the process from molding to shipment, maintains its ties with its customers not only before sales but also after sales. Our company, which has the mission of improving its production technologies and employees, aims to increase its production activities to better levels, especially with the feedback from its customers.

“We continue each new day with the motto of “Target Accident-Free and Flawless Casting”, with the demands of our valued customers and meet the needs of your company in the best possible way.”

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Yüksek Alaşımlı Çelik (High Alloy Steel)

Rod, Coil, Angle, Profile Rolling Rolls

Side Coils

Straightening Balls

Rolling Bearings


Rolling Weights

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