Established in 1993, our company has targeted specialized manpower, quality production, fast delivery and faultless business understanding. Our factory has 16 machining benches with the latest system, 15 of which are 3-axis, and 1 of which is 8000mm*4000mm*1500mm in size with 5-axis, and there are experienced production staff. In our factory, casting, composite, automotive, construction, cement, mining and machinery equipment sectors; We produce wood, aluminum, mdf, styrofoam, block material models and spare parts. In addition, we are able to manufacture casting spare parts and machining with our 150lt induction furnace and 300lt aluminum melting furnace in our factory. We apply precision-measured quality control technique to all products with our laser scanning devices. In this way, it is aimed to produce products in accordance with customer quality standards after production. In addition, we provide reverse engineering services with 3D design programs. Our factory continues its production in a closed area of ​​3850m² and a production area of ​​4250m².

Plywood Models

Aluminum Models

MDF Models

Styrofoam Models

Molding Line Models

Shell and Cold Core Chests

Spare parts

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