Özanadolu Kalıp ve Makina San. Tic. LTD. ŞTİ

As AKM Mold, we produce quality and trust in the composite mold sector with our 35 years of sectoral experience, wide machine park and a unique future vision.

Its processing capacity, production speed, working standards and principles have elevated AKM Mold to the league of leaders in its sector.

AKM Mold is not only a mold manufacturer, but also a company that dreams and invests in the future. It is open to innovation and learning to have a greener production capability. AKM Mold is an awareness company that updates its team's business knowledge, capacity to use technology and corporate capabilities.

AKM Mold aims to be a pioneer in its sector for the establishment of a better future, and to realize all necessary innovations and improvements within its body.

Our design team, starting from the product data or sample, makes the most effective mold design that will work smoothly during mass production.

The production schedule is planned by procuring suitable steel and other materials for the relevant model.

Our trained production team carries out the production in accordance with the planned production schedule in our versatile machine park.

The produced mold is made ready for mass production by passing through very sensitive testing processes.

3 Eksenli CNC Makine (3 Axis CNC Machine)

Derin Delik Delme Makinesi (Deep Hole Drilling Machine)

Freze (Milling Machine)

Torna (Lathe)


Plastic Injection Molds

Pultrusion Patterns

Blow Molds

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