Moment was established in 2000 and designs mechanical, optical, mechatronic systems for the civil and defense industry. We are a company that produces what we designs, and we have a strong and functional machine park in production, and the ability to measure what we produces in quality control. We are a company that is aware of the mission it undertakes, trying to fulfill its requirements for quality products and aiming to be a leading company in our sector. We are a company that tries to make a name in the interna-tional platforms as well as in the country, to prove our quality and represent our country properly and we are strong familly with managers, engineers and technicians.

High Work Efficiency
A lot of Years of Experience
Support for National and Domestic Projects
Growing stronger by following technlogy and innovation

11.000  m² closed are  with two campuses
158 machines and production tracks
5 CMM and 98 assorted measuring instruments and quality tracks

Tıbbi Ürünler ve Malzemeler (Medical Products and Materials)



Heat Treatment

Laser Welding

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