As a result of the rapid depletion of natural resources, the efficient use of all kinds of energy has become essential. Efforts to minimize energy losses are also a very technical and important issue. Our company “Mir Insulation” is this current and so important; “Energy saving industry” in 2003 to operate in Ankara, was established in Turkey. Our company, which stands out with its manufacturer and exporter identity, continues to produce solutions with creative innovations in its field. Mir Insulation produces thermal insulation jackets for all equipment; İR MİRCEK HEAT INSULATION JACKETS ”under the warranty of sales and after-sales services successfully under the brand.

Heat Insulating Jackets

Insulation Pads

Fabric Layered Compensators

Heating Cabled Jackets

Mircek Valve Jacket

Fire and Smoke Insulating Jackets

Sound Insulation Jackets

Rain Protection Jackets

PVC Valve Box

Pipeline Heating and Heat Tracing

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