Miilux Oy is an intermittent production company in the production of heat treatment steels and intensity feelings was acquired by OYAK in February 2019. MIILUX HIGH TENANCE ÇELİK ÜRETİM A.Ş., 100% of which is owned by Miilux Oy. (Miilux) was established on May 28, 2019, in Manisa OSB, with heat treatment steel records. While the currently heat-treated steel in Turkey is completely supplied from abroad, Miilux provides the properties of the hotel's heat-treated steels, significantly reducing the amount that can be preserved from what is currently available. Miilux produces heat-treated high-strength steels that are brought together as they are produced; armored vehicles, mine and ballistic protection system parts and construction equipment, construction, machinery, mining, etc. The required components and plates can be supplied to the sectors with the conditions and fast delivery times.

Zırh Sistemleri (Armour Systems)

Wear-Resistant Steel

High Strength Heat Treated Structural Steel

Submarine Construction Steel (High Yield Steels)

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