MERTSAV was founded in 1994 by Mechanical Engineer Şenol Özcan and started production with Shotgun Manufacturing. After 1997, he focused his efforts on the defence industry. With more than 20 years of experience, strong design and engineering skills, State-of-the-art machinery and equipment, it has done important works in the defence industry and is still a candidate company.

Constantly seeking innovation and research and development with its expert staff, MERTSAV continues its production and R & D activities with its 170-person team in its 5000 m2 indoor facilities in Pendik, Istanbul. In 2020, our second production facility in Kırıkkale Defence Industrial Area will be operational.

For 22 years, MERTSAV has produced the most critical main components of such weapons as MG-3, g-3, MP-5, HK-33, MPT-76, MPT-55, Bora-12 and grenade launchers and gas rifles and bomb disposal equipment in high quality and quantity and continues to produce today. This feature has made us one of the most important suppliers of MKEK, TSK and EGM.

Elde Taşınabilen Silah Sistemleri (Gun Systems - Hand Held)

Öldürücü Olmayan Silahlar (Non-Lethal Weapons)

Platforma Entegre Silah Sistemleri (Gun Systems - Platform Mounted)

Küçük Silahlar (Small Arms)

Makineli Tabancalı Veya Makine Parçaları,30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Machine Guns or Machine Gun Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Makineli Tüfekler Ve El Bombası Atar (Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers)

Revolver Veya Revolver Parçaları, 30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Revolvers or Revolver Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Tüfekler, Tipsiz (Rifles, Recoilless)

Tüfekler Veya Tüfek Parçaları, 30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Rifles or Rifle Parts, 30 mm. and Below)


Grenade Launchers

Gas Rifles

Bomb Disposal

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