Mercan Optik Ltd. is the leading optical frame and sunglasses manufacturer of Turkey since 1997. It has its own developed production facility in Istanbul and manufacturing according to ISO 9001 quality management system. This 5000 m² facility is integrared a business model, covering the entire value chain: design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and distribution. Mercan Optik uses only high end raw materials which is purchased from companies that worldwide recognized by their experience in the chemical industry for years. With our experienced, creative engineers a comprehensive manufacturing process followed to have our high end products. Our success is directly linked to not only the product but service we deliver as well. We are wired to roll up our sleeves and support. We are extremely responsive to requests, we seek to understand needs and priorities, and we proactively share ideas and news. Distributers are more than satisfied with our portfolio which consists of proprietary brands such as Benx, Minimix, Benelite, Ondaon, Rococo, and Merlen to serve different ages, taste and segments in market. Today Ben.x has been delivered in 7 continent and more than 60 countries. It keeps growing in international market with its valuable distributors.


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