As Makitek; By blending high technology with our experience, we provide manufacturing support to the building blocks of the Defense Industry.

We continue to manufacture UCAV - UAV, National Combat Aircraft coolers and some complicated parts, and Sonar System Parts and Contacts of National Submarines and Frigates.

In addition to our Defense Industry service; We precisely design and manufacture "Mold Apparatus Fixtures" for Copper Rolling Production and the automotive industry.

With our knowledge, experience and technological machinery, we are with you from the design to the production of your special projects and for the continuity of your project after it is produced.

Akustik Cihaz Teknolojileri (Acoustic Device Technologies)

Anten Teknolojileri (Antenna Technologies)

Denizaltı Platformları (Undersea Platforms)

Havacılık Dökümleri, Alüminyum (Aerospace Castings, Aluminum)

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

Torpidolar - Denizaltılara Karşı (Torpedoes - Anti Submarine)

Cooler Contacts

Sonar System Parts

Copper Rolling

Mold Apparatus Fixture

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