Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation, which is a State Owned Enterprise within the scope of the Decree Law No. 233 on Public Enterprises of 08/06/1984, is established with the aim of planning based on the needs of defense and civil defense to produce all kinds of weapons, ammunition, explosives, machinery, equipment and material manufacturing capacities in an economic way and to market by taking into account profitability and efficiency principles in the industrial sector within the scope of development plans and annual programs. The main fields of activity are as follows:

  • Producing, modifying and repairing all kinds of weapons, ammunition, machines, systems and equipment for military needs.
  • Producing, modifying and repairing machines, materials, installations, motorized and non-motorized vehicles, equipment and spare parts.
  • Cooperating or participating in domestic and foreign organizations, projects, consultancy works, establishing plants related to the fields of activity and generating energy required by other enterprises.
  • Making licensing, know-know and similar agreements.
  • Carrying out research and development activities in the fields of activity.
  • Establishing all kinds of new enterprises and partnerships related to the field of activity of the Corporation and joining the existing ones or liquidating the existing establishments, partnerships and subsidiaries.
  • Collecting, evaluating and using all kinds of mines, materials and equipments that are scrapped by governmental agencies, state owned enterprises, partners and international enterprises entering into bilateral agreements.
  • Importing and supplying all kinds of commodities and materials required for production and sales.
  • Engaging in trade, exporting, and importing for the purpose of export.
  • When necessary, opening local and abroad offices, establishing agencies, dealerships and internal insurance fund, and acting as an insurance agency.
  • Carrying out other activities related to the field of activity of the Corporation.

Headquartered in Ankara, the Corporation, in addition to the duties defined in its main status, has also assigned itself to increase the domestic contribution in the Defense Industry of Türkiye and to produce new products for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

MKEK, which continues its activities through these goals, has marked an era in the development of industry of our country by pioneering many sectors such as iron-steel, chemical and machinery manufacturing and plays a pioneering role in the industry.

In this context;

  • In the 1940’s, the best quality barrel steel and barrels were produced in the world.
  • In the 1950’s, the very first aircraft was producted and exported.
  • Railway rolling, iron-steel sheet and rice production in Turkey were started for the first time by the Corporation.
  • The first production of machine tools, agricultural control tools, textile machines, steel pipe, gear box, bandage and monoblock facilities, electric counters and so on, were carried out by Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation.

Crucial R&D Projects completed in the Corporation in the last 5 years are as follows.

  • MPT-76 7.62 mm Infantry Rifle
  • KNT-76 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
  • MPT-55 5.56 mm Infantry Rifle
  • 155 mm Long Range Ammunition
  • Penetrator Bomb
  • 35 mm Explosive Chain Design / Development and Fuze Integration Project
  • DUPAT (Insensitive Munition Infrastructure Installation and Technology Transfer Project)
  • Gas Ammunition Development Project
  • Thermobaric Explosive Development Project
  • 35 mm Particle Ammunition Development Project
  • 120 mm HE Tank Gun Ammunition Development Project

Major projects carried out in the R&D and Technology Department of MKE are as follows.

  • Infantry Rifle Project (MMT Project)
  • Mortar Weapon System Development and Vehicle Integration Project Project
  • Explosive Reduced MK-82 Aircraft Bomb Project
  • 105 mm Air Transportable Light Towed Howitzer (BORAN) Project
  • Modular Gunpowder System Development Project
  • MALAMAN Project
  • 120 mm Laser Guided Tank Gun Ammunition Development Project
  • 155 mm Guided Ammunition Development Project
  • VOLKAN Project (Thermobaric Powder Explosive Development Project)
  • 40 mm High Speed Particle Intelligent Bomb Launcher Ammunition Project
  • 130 mm ÇAF Ammunition Development Project
  • RDX and HMX Development Project
  • 76/62 mm Sea Cannon System Development Project
  • 20 mm Six-Barrel Rotary Cannon Development Project

Patlayıcılar (Explosives)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

Platforma Entegre Silah Sistemleri (Gun Systems - Platform Mounted)

Makineli Tüfekler Ve El Bombası Atar (Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers)

Roketler, Uzay Ve Askeri, Tam (Rockets, Space and Millitary, Complete)




Shot Rifle


National Infantry Rifle

105 mm Air Transportable Light Towed Howitzer

120 mm Grooved Mortar

81 mm Mortar

Steel Ingot and Forging

Ship Shaft

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