We are a DESIGN, ENGINEERING and MANUFACTURING company specializing in Transportation and Storage Cases since 1997. We specialize in high performance cases and the development of solutions for the transportation and storage of sensitive equipment.

Our cases are sold worlwide under our SUPROBOX® brand. We are the inventors of the Multibrix® stacking system, a patented stacking system which provides straight or cross stacking of same or different size cases.

Our company offers a complete service including manufacturing, customization and interior design. Our Sales Team and Design engineers work together to create the perfect solution, starting with the selection of the right case, and right dampening material.

Once placed in a waterproof SUPROBOX® case, your delicate equipment and instruments are transported and used under complete protection from shock, vibration, moisture and impact. Your cases come furnished with the appropriate grade foam and/or shock mounting equipment in line with your special project requirements

SUPROBOX® cases have been made to withstand the toughest environmental and climatic conditions. The case is manufactured as a solid, rugged uniform structure which makes it extra resistant to impact and vibration enabling the case to be handled and transported in extreme situations. The polymer raw material resin is UV resistant and is specifically designed to function in extreme temperatures and under solar load. Ideal for electronics, memory storage equipment, servers, lab and testing equipment, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, broadcasting equipment, meteorological equipment, flight simulators, satellite communications, radars and mobile military equipment.

With 194 different sizes under the R Series range and 24 different sizes under the Rack Case range, SUPROBOX® offers one of the widest selections available on the market.

Thanks to our exprerienced design engineers we are continuously improving and expanding our product range.

Optimal Production Series

Ultimate Production Series

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