Our Mac Bending brand was created by M-Bend Makine Ltd. Şti. which has been in the
machine production business with 20 years of experience.
M-Bend Ltd Şti, with it's 10.000 m2 area, has been producing innovative metal
processing machines with its expert staff and experience to sector.
M-Bend Ltd. Şti, which manufactures small and large-scale profile and sheet bending
machines, offers with its long years of experience the advanced models that meet the
industry needs under the Mac Bending brand.
Mac Bending is the representative of both technological and long-lasting models that
will appeal to global markets with export priority. We follow the technology closely
and offer all our products to your service with our updatable special software and
control systems.

After a long R&D process, each part of our machines is carefully inspected by our
professional engineers in the quality control process before the production. Then, the
machine parts are prepared and assembled with the priority of quality and longevity
in accordance with ISO and CE certification rules.
Before mass production, we test each of our models in bending facilities.
After successfully completing the tests of our portable or demo models, we start the
mass production by taking the model into the production line.
We manufacture our machines to produce solutions for construction, maritime,
aviation, petrochemical, natural gas, iron and steel, heating, and cooling sectors.

4-Roll Plate Bending Machines

Profile and Pipe Bending Machines

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