Kırtaş Sert Metal started with the supply of raw materials to the hard mining industry by Ramazan Tarık Kırık and Ömer Faruk Kırık in 2014, despite the import of cutting tools in the sector, as hard metal precision machining; was established to serve in cutting tool, rolling mill and mandrel, special hard metal casting and precision machining. It continued its activities as a sub-industry to the leading companies of the Defense, Aviation, Automotive, Medical industries. Our company, which started its production life with manually controlled benches, has always been open to technological development until the CNC technology developed afterwards. During the precision grinding manufacturing process of our company, many NC and CNC controlled systems have been developed and used to increase quality and efficiency, specific to the parts processed using these technologies.

The family structure, which is keen on aviation, defense and technology, enables mass production and precision part production with more effective and efficient use of cutters used in CNC controlled benches and improvements in the machining process.

Tungsten Carbıde Rod

Tungsten Karbür Hadde Malafa


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