All facilities of Kipaş Textiles, which has an annual production capacity of 80 million meters of fabric and 330 tons of yarn per day, and approximately 5,500 employees, are located in Kahramanmaraş.  In Kipaş Textiles, which is ranking in the top 100 in Kahramanmaraş in the ISO 500 list and Turkey's and Europe's largest integrated company engaged in textile production; in addition to Weaving, Open-End and Ring yarn production there are Fabric Dyeing-Finishing and Denim fabric production processes are carried out. Kipaş Tekstil, which has recently been on the world agenda with its Technical Textile and R&D studies, also made a name for itself with its washable, multi-use, contamination-reducing mask production during the pandemic period. In addition, Kipaş Textiles made a name for itself in the fashion world with the creations produced from recycled plastic bottles.
For the Defense Industry, we produce especially Aramid-Based Ballistic Armor Fabric and Polyethylene-Based Ballistic Armor fabrics, as well as Aramid-Based Fire-retarded fabrics in our country.
For more than 20 years, Kipaş Tekstil is one of the strongest suppliers of Clothing and Apparel groups that the Turkish Army needs.

Teknik Tekstil (Technical Textile)

Dokuma / Örgü Elyaf (Woven / Knitted Fiber)

Savunma Yardım Paketi Sistemleri (Defensive Aids Suite Systems)

Zırh Sistemleri (Armour Systems)




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