KEYVAN HAVACILIK offers Aeronautical and navigation data solution with worldwide data coverage, the data included with more than 15,000 airports globally and millions row of data included with airways, navaids, waypoints and procedures related to airports, runway data and etc. Data process and quality checks perform as per ED-76A (DO-200B) international standard and ED-77 (DO-201B) requirements, match with EU Regulation 2107/373 and under the EASA Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate. The final database delivered as per ARINC424 standard and format (Version 22) and customized to each customer’s needs and requirements.

KEYVAN HAVACILIK implements an internal training plan for analytic and Quality experts to make sure all operational needs and requirements are fully understood and competency checks perform frequently. Data used to create KEYVAN Aeronautical Database is generated by analyzing the AIP, AIC and NOTAMs received from 215 states, 195 countries every 28 days.  Final database is usable by Avionics manufacturer, flight planning, simulators and flight departments.

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