Kervancıoğlu Bakır Metal Tic. A.Ş

Kervancıoğlu Family entered copper industry in 1950. They have begun to produce copper plate for cooking utensils.

In 2007, producing copper rods, copper wire, they have brought a new dimention to their manufacturing with a new goal.

KERVANCIOĞLU METAL built its second plant in 2010 by using its experience, knowledge, customer support. In this new establishment they have been producing copper rod, copper wire, copper busbar to use in various areas, like; electric-electronics, contruction sector, transportation,industrial equipment and communication sectors

KERVANCIOĞLU METAL has developed its production line and since 2012 it has begun to produce transformer wire, braided wire and flat wire.

Our Mission is that;

We would like to continue our works by increasing our facilities, quality and range of goods in this production and technology environment which is developing at an alarming speed day by day

Our vision is that ; To continue customer satisfaction by increasing our indorsement, To produce in the most suitable way without conceding the quality of our products by increasing customer potential

Süperiletken Malzemeler (Superconducting Materials)

Bakır ve Alaşımları (Copper and Its Alloys)

Copper Busbar

Copper Bars

Copper Profıles

Copper Earth Rod

C&H Clamps

Copper Strıp

Copper Flat & Round Wıre

Braıded Wıre

Copper Wıre Rod

Copper Plate

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