Founded in 2006 KAYSE, with a successful history in the industry among the leading brands in Turkey and acting
with the vision of being a regional leader in the manufacturing sector. Among the pioneers of change in Turkey
KAYSE, adapt quickly to changes in the world as a result of all this experience and network. KAYSE makes the
best use of its wide production, knowledge and cooperation network. KAYSE; is specialized in flexible metal hoses,
metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, level-flow-temperature control devices along with its expert
engineer staff.
KAYSE offers superior technology, high quality and dynamic human resources in its services to the customers.
KAYSE has the advanced technology research and development (R & D) laboratory and tests the products it
manufactures and keeps records. KAYSE, which prioritizes quality in production of products, has registered its
product quality with the certificates it has received from domestic and abroad. KAYSE, which has the capacity to
make the design of the products experimentally and mathematically, can make material selection according to
temperature, pressure and ambient conditions (1.4301, 1.4541, 1.4828, 1.4571, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel etc.)
under all conditions.
KAYSE acts with the aim of increasing its investments both at home and abroad. This target is also an important
indicator of the vision of KAYSE to become a regional leader in the sectors it serves. KAYSE continues its activities
with international and strong collaborations in all main business lines it serves, and continues its activities with
world-class products used in 60 countries.

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