Kayalar Bakır Alaşımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in 1958. Since the date of its foundation, the company has acquired a first – class name for its quality product.

The main reason for this reputation is based upon the Company’s modern approach to the exacting technical demands of copper alloys products such as strips, sheets, thin plates and coin blanks for present day industires of Automotive, Electronic, Electrical, textil, Defence and Mints.

Corlu Facilities (2000)

With its modern casting – hot rolling and cold rolling techniques, it also provides services to other manufacturers with its technology that is always high quality and compatible with the environment.

Total area m2 39.000 Closed area m2 24.000

Production: Semi-finished rolls, permanent blocks, wedges Production Capacity: 18.000 tons/year

Copper Strıp

Bronze Strıps

Brass Strıps

Transformator Strıps

Coın Blank

Stamped Products

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