İstanbul Silah Sanayi, was established in IMES Industry Complex in 2003 with an aim of producing shot guns for sports purposes. Although the company is new, the owner of the company Distinguished Erol Kurt has an experience of 25 years in the sector. Within this period, the companies he owned exported pump-rifles and semi-automatic shot guns to many countries especially to the United States of America in great quantities and has contributed to the economy of the country.
İstanbul Silah Sanayi has been producing and successfully marketing semi-automatic İmpala, CZ Turka, Mikado shut guns which are their registered trademark. İstanbul Silah Sanayi designed and produced its new product, completed the tests successfully, obtained patent and now it has been proudly marketing its new semi-automatic shot gun called İmpala Plus which operates with kinetical reaction. Since the second half of 2016, the company has been carrying out its activities in its modern and new plant which consists of 18000 square meters.

Tüfekler, Tipsiz (Rifles, Recoilless)

Tüfekler Veya Tüfek Parçaları, 30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Rifles or Rifle Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Rifle Shotgun

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