Işık Plastik, 1988 Işık Plastik Foreign Trade. Inc. Our company, which was established by taking the name of our company, started production in 2000. Today, 25,953 tons of plastic sheets and 31,701 tons of plastic packaging, 7,182, with approximately 275 personnel.
masterbatch and 306 tons of metallized coating sheet production capacity, as well as construction, lighting,
It also serves multiple sectors such as security, advertising, health, automotive and food packaging.
exports all over the world. Işık Plastik A.Ş, European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA),
International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), Provate Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)
It is a member of the leading associations in the industry, including
As Işık Plastik, to be a follower and implementer of technological and sectoral developments, customer expectations and needs
to produce products in accordance with international standards, to employ its employees in quality management and developing technology and
It is our basic policy to train in line with the needs.
Our company is made of plastic raw materials, disposable containers, food packaging, industrial plates,
produces compounds and masterbatches and sells them domestically and abroad. Especially suitable for food packaging
with machinery and equipment, in a hygienic environment, by using raw materials and additives suitable for food,
produces untouched packaged products by trained personnel. In our products and productions
Minimizing wastes in order to minimize negative effects on the environment and to protect the environment,
use of packaging and reducing waste, using recycled raw materials, preventing pollution at its source.
Our environmental policy is given to Işık Plastik at the Environmental Excellence Awards 2016 Bronze, which is organized annually by IAPD.
He won the Medal, the 2017 Gold Medal. Our company is Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in 2017
entered the list. Increasing efficiency in production processes by starting lean production activities in 2018
works for. Işık-2 factory in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone started production and sales at the end of 2021.
In addition, the company started to be traded in the stock market as a public offering in January 2021.
The product groups that our company offers to users;
Plastic Sheets;
corrugated polycarbonate sheets
Solid polycarbonate sheets
Acrylic Sheets
Pet-G Sheets
Solid GPPS Sheets
Sound Barrier / Sound block
Mirrored Acrylic Sheets

Plastikler (Platics)

Polimerler ve Polimer Matris Kompozit Teknolojileri (Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composite Technologies)

Polycarbonate Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

Ballistic Polycarbonate and Acrylic Sheets

Plastic Composite Sheets

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