Inovista Aktif Karbon ve İleri Malzeme Tek Ltd Şti

Inovista is a research driven start-up, positioned to develop advanced materials and products based on biomass… We are in partnership with nature to find solutions for the biggest challenges of our live At Inovista we believe that, a healthier society comes with a healthier environment. We address problems affecting our daily lives and develop solutions ,pursuing innovations consist of functional technologies . We started with activated carbon, seeing it an integrated problem solver, to provide us a healthier environment. We have an aspect that , with some efforts activated carbon can be made more reachable than it seems today. Inovista, biyokütleye dayalı gelişmiş malzemeler ve ürünler geliştirmek üzere konumlandırılmış, araştırma odaklı bir start-up'tır . 

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