İdeal Av Spor Tur. İml. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Ideal AV Spor was founded in 1963 by Haşim ERYÜREK in Adana. In the first years, shotgun repair, muzzle-loading rifles, muzzle-loading pistols were decorated with embroideries and prepared for the presentation of customers.

Having completed the Electrical Engineer education in 1980, Second Generation representative Cemil Eryürek participated to company and Ideal became the first official air pellet and slug shot producer in Turkey. In 1984, company became the contracted dealer of MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry) by establishing explosive material storage and started to provide services all around Turkey. 

We have continued to grow our scope after the import work released at 90s. While we continued our work as Saga hunting cartridges, Gamo air sport guns Turkey Exclusive Distributor, we also started to export to abroad. We exported many products, especially our air pellets, lead shots etc. to abroad.

Ideal Av Spor, between 2005 and 2008, planned to develop policies that increase domestic production by reducing imports by indexing domestic production to import density.

In order to implement these plans in production, the company opened a production and storage facility in Osmaniye province, covering an area of 600.000 m2, 7662 m2 closed area and  targeting the employment of 100 people.

In 2009, as an Agricultural Engineer, the third generation representative Çağdaş Adnan ERYÜREK who completed his education and became Factory Coordinator, production-oriented work has been put on the fast truck.

The size of our horizon and physical space has inevitably enlarged our vision in the sector. In 2012, Haşim ERYÜREK who is the representative of third generation completed his education as Electrical and Electronics Engineer. After his participation to company, sales and distribution network grown and regional directorates at Ankara and Istanbul cities has been established. 

Our productions are;

We are selling hunting, sporting and sound shotshell to domestic and international markets by producing them in accordance with at world standards as C.I.P and TSE norms 

In 2016, upon the request of the General Directorate of Security, R&D studies were carried out on pepper gas OC, and the first batch of 40,000 Gas Cartridges was delivered. In addition, 37/38 mm Gas cartridges, the production of CS Gas Hand Grenades, Smoke Hand Grenades, Sound and Light hand Grenades (Flash Bang) continues.

In 2022, we started ammunition production with the production of 9x19 Parabellum pistol bullets.

In Ideal Group Companies, 145 employees is working and 9 of which are engineers. 

From its first establishment date, our company will continue to give particular importance to quality products and services; adopt the high technology production, employment, contribution to Country economy and adding the defense industry as new target as a principle.


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Smoke Grenade

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