HEYBETLI METALLURGY” has been working for 50 years in copper, copper alloys and Stainless Steel casting. Following the cutting edge technologies, Heybetli Metallurgy serves its customers not only as a trade partner or supplier of materials and special ordered products but also as a “partner for quality” to find solutions whenever they face different kinds of problems. It has Quality Management Certifications of NAVIGA ISO 9001 :2008 and Bureau Veritas. “HEYBETLI METALLURGY” is one of the leading companies that produce Electric Arc FurnaceComponents, Copper & Bronze Products and Stainless Steel Casting Products in İstanbul / TURKEY. It serves a lot of industries, for example Iron and Steel Industry, Ship Industry, Energy Industry, Machine Manufacturing Industry, Mold Industry, Aluminium Cable Industry, Valve Industry, Aviation and Defence Industry, Petrol, Natural Gas,and Chemicals Industry.

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