From 1976 to present, Guvenal Kalip Elemanlari A.S, a member of “Guvenal Corporate Group”, has continued globally customer-oriented service presentations with numerous advantages and 45-year sector experience. Our company is an ideal partner about Standard / Custom-Made Die & Mould Components and Bases that are combined with high quality / economic price.

With strict quality control, good availability, and short delivery periods, Guvenal products are used actively in 33 countries. We are supporting you with customizable offers about technical and costing issues of your projects and we are producing the best solutions.

Successful usage secrets of Guvenal - GTH Die & Mould Components: Guvenal - GTH book is more than a catalogue. Not only it exhibits our products, but also it includes recommendations related to efficient usage of components with basic and special technical/short information. Our catalogue has been prepared with the principle of "quick way to perfect Dies & Moulds".

Guvenal has a global logistic network with its own warehouses and production facilities having a high experience level. Stable and reliable Die & Mould production is obtained with components having a reliable quality. Guvenal - GTH tends towards the highest quality standards with all development and test efforts.

Guvenal, the perfect choice for professional and productive cooperation.

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