As Etka-D Otomotiv, our goal; Creating engineering solutions over plastic components of vehicle seat group, trim, chassis systems, manufacturing the molds and producing components by combining the technology features with experience since 1990. As a solution partner of the main industries of aviation, defense, automotive, rail systems and high technology. We are reliable and preferred brand company that depends on the values.

The Scope of our company; Aviation, railway systems, automotive and tractor industry group "passenger and driver’s seat" plastic parts, interior and exterior equipment and moulds related products design, production, marketing and sale.

P & D department develops at least one new product per week. About 200 references are under patent. Numbers of reference in total more than 1250. In P & D department, special industrial designs are transformed into samples with high-tech devices and offers for our dear valued customers.

Moulding equipments that demonstrate our technological superiority in our P & D department. -400*500*600 mm size rapid prototype with FDM technology, -Three dimensional optical scanning (Reverse Engineering), -Silicon Molding (MCP-Hek Tool with Nylon Module working with the first double robot system in the World-5.05) fully technological, -Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna.

Our company, which can produce thermoplastic parts by injection method produces high sensitivity parts especially with reverse engineering plastics and can inject up to 8000 grams, 1250 ton closing force. Having the capacity to process more than 2.000 tons of plastic raw materials per year. At the same time the design and manufacture of molds in house. Within 8 bars knitting machine with electronic control, elastic net can be knitted in any size, pattern and shape.

Developing by providing safe journeys with our comfortable and high quality products in the light of our designs that add value by adopting the motto "We were inspired by the Perfection of Nature." We are proving our differences with the design of products, functions, procedures and devices in use.

We believe that success will increase by following and using technological developments in our company which cares about customer requests and needs in accordance with the principle of ”you become a leader by showing directions and you will succeed by meeting expectations."

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