The main factory of ERMAKSAN equipped with advanced technology, precise and brand new CNC counters, it has the capacity of producing 3,000 sheet metal processing machines per year developing innovative products. ERMAKSAN’s original designs and production Technologies are represented successfully by our distinguished franchisees who have strong technical service in 6 countries on the world scale and more than 90 countries with the priorities of ‘quality’ and ‘trust’. As ERMAKSAN, we are moving forward with the mission of designing, producing and using machines with advanced technology, high added value, environmentally friendly and energy savingmachines by constantly following up customer expectations in the machine manufacturing sector, which has strategic importance in the
world and our country.

Yenilikçi Sensörler (Innovative Sensors)

Elektronik Destek Tedbirleri - Elektro-Optik (ESM - Electro-Optic)

Elektronik Destek Tedbirleri - Haberleşme (ESM - Communications)

Elektronik Karşı Tedbir - Elektro Optik (ESM - Electro Optical)

Yönlendirilmiş Enerji Teknolojileri - Lazerler (Directed Energy Technologies (DET) - Lasers)

Lazerler ve Lazer Bileşenleri (Lasers and Laser Components)

Balistik Tasarım (Ballistic Designs)

Yönlendirilmiş Enerji Silahları (Directed Energy Weapons)

Laser Technology

Press Brake

Plasma Cutting

Punch Press

Shear Cutting

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