Since its founding in Karabuk in 1962, it has managed to reach its current position by constantly growing and developing with the strength it has taken from its roots with selfless and disciplined work in the iron and steel sector. Erhallar D.Ç., which is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to quality and trust, aims to make bigger industrial breakthroughs by continuing its path with perseverance and stability.

Our factory, which is established on an area of 12000 square meters, produces ribbed and flat rebar between 8 mm and 32 mm by working with a capacity of 200 000 tons per year. In addition, cornerbent, NPU iron, T iron, hexagonal iron, four corner iron, lling and wipes are also sold.
We are aware of the responsibility we have taken with our financial investments in the iron and steel trade, which has an important place in karabuk's financial structure, and we are extremely proud to serve the people of our region by providing unimpeded employment opportunities to the people of our region given the conditions of our country.

Our aim is to continue our production with great perseverance and determination without compromising our principles with the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day, and to expand our service area by continuously improving and growing our institution.

Taking into account the evaluations made by our company regarding the selection of independent auditors; In order to carry out the activities, the Asset Global Independent Audit and Independent Accountant Financial Consultancy Joint Stock Company signed the Independent Audit on 04/09/2020 in accordance with the Ordinary General Assembly decision made on 04/09/2020.

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