As Erginer Seramik our first production field is the production of ceramic guides (textile machine ceramics), technical ceramics and special ceramics. Erginer Porselen A.S. started to manufacture porcelain thread guide in 1985. Then, with Ekorit brand, it started to produce aluminum oxide guides in 1996, later with Ekotit it
started to produce titanium oxide guides in 2002 and finally in 2005 with Ekozir brand it started to produce zirconium guides. The company provides services to the customers in different industries by manufacturing special ceramic requested as well as in textile industry with different 8 raw materials type copper – steel wire drawing and in the cable industry. The second production field of our company is the production of 3-D weaving technique and technical fibers such as carbon fiber, para aramid and special composite parts. Raw materials enter into our company and they become ready-to-use finished goods in our company, which adopts the principle of being an integrated manufacturer. The advantage of this is that the quality of the goods we produce is controlled at every stage and the highest quality
products are produced.

Ceramic Guides

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