We started our journey as a small plant in 1954. Our company, which produces glass with developing technology, has an aim of following the recent developments in the sector, improving all processes that affect the success of our company and quality of our products, meeting the needs of our customers with the best time – price – quality triangle, maximizing our efficiency and having a customer oriented approach.
Our capital is our knowledge and experience. It is our technical resources and highly motivated staff. Our primary goal is maintaining long term business relationships based on mutual benefits and being environmental friendly in production.
Our plant is located in a closed area of 2500 square meters in Gaziantep. We will do our best to offer the best possible service to our customers by developing projects and bringing out innovations through our glass processing machinery that puts an end to aesthetics and quality concerns.

Lamintaed Glasses

Tempre Glasses

Safety Glasses

Architectural Glasses

CNC - Drilling - Milling

Grinding Glasses


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