Enformak Plastik Teknolojileri A.Ş

Enformak A.Ş., has been established in the year 1980, as a workshop producing spare parts to plastic and elastomer processing industry. A workshop became an innovative and constantly-developing company. It created a technical office, which constantly develops by courtesy of its experienced staff. Cooperation with raw material producers brought experience and knowledge, new technology and design for the technical office, and the ability to generate suitable solutions for the complex problems of customers. From day one, we focused our development power on barrel and screw production. Our aim is to achieve higher wear resistance and longer work life in our products with heat treatment and surface coating variety. To achieve better performance and lower energy consumption by courtesy of design and high processing sensitivity. To become an establishment, which has a corner on the constantly developing and self-renewing international plastic industry market, with our technical staff, quality approach, and technology capacities.

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