EMT ELEKTRONİK, since 1987, is an organization that provides total solutions to its customers with its experienced technical staff and advanced technology products.

EMT Elektronik, the company with Turkey's first and largest product portfolio in the fields of forensic informatics and information security, also continues its activities in the fields of e-discovery and criminal laboratory solutions.
EMT Electronics, which has taken its place among the most successful electronics companies in Turkey since its establishment, provides services to public and private sector organizations, law enforcement, universities and many different institutions with the understanding of a solution partner.

Continuing its production, import, export and training activities above international standards, EMT Elektronik moves forward with the goal of achieving the success it has achieved in Turkey, as well as in the world.

Görüntü/Desen İşleme Teknolojisi (Image/Pattern Processing Technology)

Modelleme ve Simülasyon Çözümleri (Modelling and Simulation Solutions)

Askeri İstihbarat (Military Intelligence)

Uzaktan Görüntüleme Birimleri (Remote Display Units)

Görüntü Sistemleri Teknolojileri (Display Systems)

Ammunition Test System

Cable-Guided Unmanned Aircraft

Useful Load

Ground Control Unit

Ground Unit

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