EFG ENGINEERING operates in İVEDİK to serve in the fields of Sheet Metal and Machining in the Defense and Aviation sector. EFG Engineering produces and develops high quality products that meet international standards, using the latest technology, especially in laser cutting, bending and welding.

Our activities cover all processes such as detailed design, optimization, testing and verification, qualification and mass production delivery in line with customer demands, so we can offer end-to-end solutions.

As EFG Engineering, quality in production is our main goal. We not only strive to provide our customers with well-made components, but we also expect a superior level of efficiency and precision from ourselves.

Our EFG Engineering metal machine shop has extensive quality control measures to ensure everything we do is carefully tracked and monitored.

Our Goal is Zero Error; For this purpose, we minimize errors not only before the finished products are presented to our customers, but also with intermediate control steps throughout the process. We have been pursuing excellence from the very beginning.

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

welded fabrication


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