Ebde Tasarım Makine San. Tic. LTD. STİ.

Since 1940, Turqgear roots and mentality were established in Istanbul, when our grandfathers moved
from the Blacksea region and started an industrial business. Our founding mentality stated by the first
generation was “we don’t have the luxury to manufacture of poor quality”. For nearly a century of
operating in stone working and metalworking business, Turqgear obtained and developed state of an
art manufacturing processes. Decades of experience in quarry, construction, steel working, and
manufacturing gave me the possibility to design and manufacture high-quality knives and gears. Our
innovative mentality lead us to proudly engineer and manufacture our own machinery customized to
our manufacturing process. Three generations and nearly a century passed since we have started
manufacturing high-quality products, but our enthusiasm and passion for quality never passed.
Turqgear, based on principle foundations, aims to become one of the first world-leading
manufacturers and suppliers of Every-Day-Carry self-defense products.

Challenge ourselves to design and manufacture the best and most durable Daily Portable and Nature

Combining Design and Engineering in the most beautiful way, transforming Daily Portable vehicles
into the most user-friendly and aesthetic products.

- Design and develop with passion
- Produce carefully and safely
- Maintain high quality and always aim higher

Giyilebilir Teçhizatlar (Wearables)

Epoksi Reçine (Epoxy Resin)

Hunting / Defensive Knife

First Aid / Search & Rescue Knife

Multi Tool

Tactical Pen

Customizable Flashlight

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