Dow Aksa is founded back in 2012 as a 50/50 joint venture of Dow Chemical Company and Aksa Akrilik San A.Ş. so as to provide the global composite sector, which has carbon fiber as raw material, with a large product range and technical service. Thanks to ever-growing infrastructure of world-leading Aksa acrylic fiber manufacturer and expertise, experience and accessibility of Dow in the sector, Dow Aksa is now among the strongest competing for leadership in production of carbon fiber and intermediary materials for carbon fiber. Besides, Dow Aksa is the first and only Turkish company operating in carbon fiber sector. Carbon fiber is a strategic product with high added value that offers innovative solutions to the most important problems of the world today, such as improvement of power generation through wind turbines, decreasing fuel consumption of automobiles and ensuring longer life span through reinforcement of infrastructure and structure.

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Muharip Uçaklar (Combat Aircraft)

Dokuma / Örgü Elyaf (Woven / Knitted Fiber)

Epoksi Reçine (Epoxy Resin)

Üretan Reçine (Urethane Resin)

Vinilester Reçine (Vinylester Resin)

Motorlu Araç Motorları Ve Parçaları (Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts)

Roketler, Uzay Ve Askeri, Tam (Rockets, Space and Millitary, Complete)

Wind Energy



Aerospace and Defense

Carbon Fiber & Fabric

High Modulus Carbon Yarn

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