Our company was established in 1993 by Yavuz Pehlivanoğlu, former staff member of Tusaş, to manufacture pre-school education tools and equipment. Our company, whose managerial staff changed in 2007, was taken over by the brothers Yılmaz, Yiğit and Yasin Pehlivanoğlu. Our Executive Staff has focused on the sector change and started to produce products for the Defense industry and Aviation sector since 2008. They produced 6000 different items of land and air vehicles for DLA and TACOM institutions from abroad. They started researches and studies on turbine engines with the information they gained from the fairs they attended in 2010. Our company officials, who have completed their certification for the Aviation Sectors, produced 100 Newton prototype micro turbine engines in 2019 and 200 Newton in 2021. Our company, which managed to introduce its original design products at the Teknofest and Sahaexpo fairs they attended in 2021, started mass production processes in 2022 in order to meet the needs of Micro turbine engine products in the hobby sector of our country.

Gaz Türbinleri (Gas Turbines)

Turbo-Süper Şarj, Uçak (Turbo-Superchargers, Aircraft)

Türbinler, Uçak Tipi (Turbines, Aircraft Type)


Precision Casting

Forging and Powder Manufacturing Methods


Glass Arge Solutions

Electric and Electronic Designing

Unmanned Air Vehicle

Turbojet Engine

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