Latest Developments in the three-dimensional layered productions allows the designers to use many innovations in the designs. As Çakıroğlu Group, we decided to create -with the fashion words- a “perfection centre” in order to design more quality components and produce for those who require them. We work on two subject matters here: fibre supported plastic component design and production; metal component design and production. Although the shape restriction has been eliminated with the emergence of latest 3D metal printers; cubic shapes still preserve their position in the stereotyped imagination of designers. Çakıroğlu Group include the designs who are able to design components with organic amorphous structures breaking the stereotypes in this matter allowingthem to work with the customers’ designers and it has equipped those designers with the softwareopportunities that are able to calculate the bearingcapacity instantly while designing the component.By this way, the opportunity to design componentswith optimum endurance, in the lowest possibleweight and so causing the lowest costs has been acquired.

Fiber Piece Plastic Part Design and Production

Metal Design and Manufacture

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