CES İleri Kompozit ve Savunma Teknolojileri A.Ş., performs the activities of designing, manufacturing advanced composite components and system integration for the Defence and Aviation applications. In the possession of infrastructure, ability and experience required for the design and manufacture of advance technology composites; the firm aims at becoming one of the leading solution partners both in thecountry and the world with its machinery thatwas established in line with its expertise and thepersonnel infrastructure. Having succeeded intransferring its expertise that it gained in the fieldof composite in the aviation sector to the land and nautical platforms, too; CES maintains its research & Development activities to be able to generate projects with high added value with the capital force of 100% Turkish capital Açık Group in which the company was included in 2012. The company continues its investments in order to expand its activity fields in the newly established advancedcapacity in Turkey with its experienced and specialised staff standing out in terms of ballistic composite solutions.

Ballistic Protection

Defence Composites

Aerospace Composites

Automotive and Railways

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