Being one of Turkey’s leading aluminum producer, Burak Aluminum was established in 1984. Firstly having produced plate, Burak Aluminum started to produce aluminum profile by establishing first extrusion press in 1991. Burak Aluminum designing and manufacturing aluminum profiles for usage in various sectors, carries out anodic and powder paint surface treatments as well as drilling, cutting, grooving and application in millimetric precision in CNC supported mechanical processing track. With each passing day in the world, different uses of aluminum are emerging. Burak Aluminum, automotive, heating, cooling, defence industry, architectural systems and so on. In the sector,the technical team follows these areas, producesalternatives and solutions within the customer’s needs, helps reduce their costs, and creates opportunities to reduce workmanship.

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Standart Aluminium Profiles

Conventional Aluminum Profiles

Aluminium Composite Panels

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