The adventure started with the sale of the materials in the shoe sub-industry first expanded with the sale of the machine and then the name
of the company was determined as “Birtuğ Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti” and it started to operate. Dealership agreements were first established
with the gathering of three world brands such as Rhenoflex Gmbh and then International and Jacob Keck Gmbh, German origin companies. The
number of dealership was increased to eleven with F.llı Bartoll Spa and Metallurgica Lombarda
Spa from Italy as well as the six companies from Europe. The decision not to import or sell products from companies outside the dealership is still
protected today.

It was decided to manufacture in Turkey by getting into a partnership with Isco Technic Bv Company, from the Netherlands and the most efficient and
biggest manufacturers in the field of job security,
in 2003.

Plastikler (Platics)

Front Mount Adhesıve

Back Mount Adhesıve



Model Carton

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