Bektaş Metal was established in 2017 by the Bektaş family in order to be an efficient and efficient company in the automotive industry with the aim of serving automotive spare parts and E-Bike component parts. It continues its activities as a subsidiary industry to Bosch, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry.

Bektaş Metal has always been open to technological development with automation controlled casting machines and CNC machining machines. In the precision machining process of our company, many CNC controlled systems that are specific to the parts processed by these technologies and which increase the quality and efficiency have been developed and used. Powder coating activities are also applied mainly in automation.

In parallel with the rapid development of technology, our company continues its activities with a structure focused on knowledge, motivation and results in which Continuous Improvement and Manufacturing processes are intertwined. We develop technological systems in accordance with the Information Age concept with a team spirit of high dynamism and motivation.

Aluminum Injection Moulding

Metal Cutting

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