Barko Elektronik was established in 2011 primarily to serve the Medical and Industrial Electronics Industry; Since its establishment, it has been striving to develop and produce its needs-oriented designs for the sector at the standards and quality level required by the sector. In addition to design capabilities in medical and industrial fields, the defense industry offers ideas-toproduct solutions with its mass production infrastructure including fully automated typesetting line, cabling workshop, integration laboratory and approved subcontractors. Barko Elektronik, which prioritizes traceability in production and design; it supports this capability with quality processes and configuration management, which it has developed for many years and made it what it is today. Production of mechanical parts of designed products, production and typesetting of electronic circuit boards, production and typesetting of devices, integration with each other and unit tests in addition to their shelf-ready products on sound and video transfer systems, power distribution units, circuit breakers, military vehicle battery management systems,  data recording units, siren announcement systems, engine drives and lighting equipment in military standards. Barko Elektronik, which incorporates all design capabilities, works on power electronics, image transfer, high-speed circuit designs and performs mechanical box and mold designs, embedded software and computer interfaces of these circuits with more than 20 years of experience.


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