ATILIM ÜNİVERSİTESİ Metal Şekillendirme Mükemmeliyet Merkezi

The Metal Forming Center of Excellence was established in 2010 with the support of the Ministry of Development and the contributions of Atılım University. The aim of the center is to support the metal forming industry in Turkey with applied research, to develop innovative, knowledge-based and energy-efficient manufacturing technologies, to produce high value-added parts, and to shape new and advanced materials.

Research within the center is carried out in close cooperation with industry and other universities. Since 2010, a significant number of national and international small and medium-sized projects have been carried out. An important role is assumed in the dissemination of knowledge through seminars, workshops, training courses and ongoing projects.

The center has many hardware and software facilities required for metal forming research. Forming presses, test equipment for material and microstructure
characterization, and software and hardware required for numerical analysis form the infrastructure of the Center in a rich integrity.

Capabilities of Metal Forming Center of Excellence
 Material characterization for simulation
 Forming light metals
 Mold design and life improvement
 Theoretical methods
 Numerical methods
 Material characterization experiments
 Systematic experiments
 Prototype production
 Pre-mass-production

Considering the developments in the world, the Turkish Metal Industry needs a research and development center that provides solutions to problems in order to
maintain and even increase its competitiveness in the next 20 years, to reveal new markets and products, and to become one of the technology leaders in the world. The main aim of the Metal Forming Center of Excellence is to establish a worldwide remarkable center of excellence, thanks to the academy-industry cooperation, in our country

 Realization of knowledge-based production technology
 Production of high-value products
 Ability to produce with new and advanced materials
 Increasing productivity
 Development of products in mini and micro sizes
 Rapid product development is the necessary research and development
activities to increase innovation capabilities.

The center, which was opened with the support of Atılım University Manufacturing Engineering Department, provides support to university researchers in projects with industry partnerships.

Metal Forming

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