Atiker Yazılım Veri İşlem A.Ş.

As a reflection of the importance given to technology by OMA (Ömer Atiker) Holding, which is a leader in the sectors it operates, Atiker Yazılım was established in Selcuk University Technology Development Zone in 2014.

It aimed to establish a wide dealer network in order to bring commercializable products obtained in R&D activities needed by the group companies to the country's economy. In addition, the company cooperates with the companies in the region for the use of outsourcing in the development of the required software products.

As a result of new product development, new technology development and capacity increase studies, the company has signed serious projects in a short time, R&D on advanced technology products and develops value-added software products; More than 30 expert personnel, consisting of Computer, Industry, Electronics, Mechatronics Engineers and Computer Programmers, are on duty.

Thanks to our professional understanding of business, the young and dynamic staff we have created, the value we give to humanity and our goals, we have succeeded in taking our place in every platform in a short time with the solutions we have made for almost all sectors, not only in Turkey but also around the world.

As Atiker Yazılım, we aim to offer solutions designed in parallel with the goals of our group companies and to undertake projects that will create value for our country.

System Integrator

Defence Industry Solutions

GIB Integration Softwares

HR Management System

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Industry 4.0 and Smart Production Management System

AS9100 Risk Analyses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Only our member companies can benefit.

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