Artuk Aviation is a High-Tech company specializing in the aviation industry. We are mainly focused on manufacturing the aircraft structural and engine (cold-section) parts as well. So far, business creation and business development studies have been done and still negotiations are on-going especially with Airbus Military. As it is known, capability of producing the aircraft structural and engine (cold-section) parts is accepted one of the most impressive and core capability for both our country and global level. From a closer sight, the main process of Artuk Aviation is Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) additive manufacturing process. Also some pre & post processes such as powder preparation, grinding, and heat-treatment process are located through the lean manufacturing line.

On patent side, Artuk Aviation is channeling the studies for fatigue tendency analysis for aircraft structural and engine parts, and weight reduction with topology optimization studies. The studies are still progressing with the collaborated universities especially for stitching the parts that are bigger than machine capacity and homogenization of the stitched parts for post-process phase. It is evaluated that having these core capabilities for aircraft structural part engine part manufacturing will be very effective and beneficial gains especially for in-home defense and aviation industry. It is aimed to provide service to the production industry that our country needs through studies on fatigue tendency analysis and topology optimization for aircraft structural and engine parts within the scope of engineering studies and weight reduction studies. The most widely used EOS production bench was purchased. Product will be produced with Titanium powder, which is sensitive and valuable.

Aircraft Structural Parts Manufacturing

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