Arsan is the leading company in its sector in the fields of Structural and Seismic Bearings, Expansion Joints, Pipe Gaskets and Tunnel Segment Gaskets. Since 1957, Arsan continues to grow with a policy of continuous development and constantly working on innovative projects. Aiming to be a reliable supplier of structural products worldwide, Arsan exports to more than 50 countries and the majority of its exports are Western European countries. It exports 65% of its production. Structural bearings; It includes all kinds of elastomeric bearings, unidirectional and fixed bearings, pot bearings, spherical and cylindrical bearings. All kinds of structural bearings produced by Arsan have CE Certificate. Arsan offers seismic isolation systems for bridges and buildings using lead core rubber bearings (LRB) and friction pendulum systems. Arsan test laboratory is equipped to perform proficiency and acceptance tests on structural bearings and seismic isolators. Factory production control tests are carried out in Arsan factory according to the standards and project requirements specified in customer demands. Arsan produces elastomeric expansion joint (SEM), single span and modular expansion joints for bridges. Expansion joint type and design are prepared according to the project requirements. Tunnel segment seals are designed by Arsan engineers in accordance with the prescribed water pressure. Arsan manufactures certified mixtures and sealing products for the pipe sector in accordance with drinking water, waste water, gas and chemical pipes. Arsan factory operates in its facility in Sakarya, Ferizli, with an indoor area of ​​30000 m², built on an area of ​​60000 m². Our company’s head office is located in Dudullu / Istanbul. Arsan is equipped with various production methods such as extrusion, compression and injection, and conducts rubber compound tests and static and dynamic tests on the product in the R&D laboratory.

Arsan, which has a rubber mixture capacity of 12000 tons / year, works with EPDM, NR, CR, SBR, FKM, CPE, CSM, AEM rubber grades. The design and drawings of all structural products are prepared by Arsan engineers with years of experience and experience. With the mold design and production, all steps in the process of turning metal from raw material to final product are produced in Arsan factory with expert personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

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