Armor Heat Transfer, as manufacturer of Copper fins and brass tubes radiator we have completed 27 years on this industry and continue to offer high quality and economic products to the costumers. Armor Heat Transfer improving machining and production line every day and manufacturing all kind of quality, durability and environment products. Our target to catch best customer satisfaction on serving high efficient solutions with our R&D team who are experienced on heat transfer industry. Armor Heat Transfer prepares itself to the future and develops its new production methods and technology everyday. Armor Heat Transfer adopts customer satisfaction and smooth product as a main goal. It always supports innovative, dynamic, flexible and fast solutions and partners.


• Agricultural Radiator
• Vehicle Radiator
• Construction machine radiators
• Generator radiators

Agricultural Radiators

Construction Machinery Radiators

Commercial Vehicle Radiators

General Radiators

Forklift Radiators

Military Vehicle Radiators

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