Aky Teknoloji Makina Reklamcılık San ve Tic Ltd Şti

AKY Technology is an organization whose aim is to leave a mark on the Turkish and World Pulses Market with its techno-innovations and solution-oriented services.

AKY Technology, which includes machines for the food processing technology industry of grains, pulses, seeds and oilseeds, is the creator, spare parts supplier and assembler of technological systems that manage the process from harvest to tables.

Machines within AKY Technology; It carries out the process of cleaning the product by removing foreign substances (soil, stones, dust, etc.) after harvest and separating the defective (broken, undergrown, wild, etc.) seeds from the quality ones. Smart machines that manage the packaging process also add color to the service palette.

The machines are classified as mechanical or computer controlled, thus aiming to offer alternatives suitable for the customer's budget. In addition, the machines can be adapted to the product to be cleaned and have different capacity options.

The organization, which produces useful solutions and creates innovations with its managers and professional team who have been serving the Pulses industry for 10 years, always keeps its service quality high.

Establishing trust with the customer is also important for AKY Technology. When establishing a facility anywhere in the world, care is taken to select and combine each part to provide maximum benefit. Within the framework of mutual agreements; Control, parts supply and treatment processes are carried out uninterruptedly throughout the life cycle of the facility and machinery equipment.

In addition, when implementing a service, hardware or system at AKY Technology, plans are made by taking the user's demands into consideration and projects are shaped with common reasoning. AKY Technology's primary principle is to provide long-term satisfaction by guiding the customer correctly.

AKY Technology, which aims to establish long-term commercial partnerships with a strong communication flow, will continue its business life by making its presence felt in the pulses and grains sector, first in Turkey and then throughout the world, as a follower and inventor of techno-innovations.

Now is the time for techno-innovation with AKY Technology!

Akustik Algılayıcılar - Aktif (Acoustic Sensors - Active)

Electric Ground Vehicle Design


Pulses Screening Machines

Packaging Machines

Product Transport and Silo Systems

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