Akarmak founded in 1990 and located in Turkey, qualified for ISO 9001:2015, is a company with an experienced and comprehensive autoclave manufacturing program for its customers around the world.

Akarmak manufactures Composite Autoclaves; which are used for manufacturing of composite parts in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Sports Industries, with applying pressure, vacuum, heating and cooling processes in one cycle, preferred for providing homogenous heat transfer and least resin voids resulting parts with enhanced mechanical properties.

Akarmak offers turn-key composite autoclaves integrated with advanced control systems, vacuum systems as well as cooling, pressurization and loading systems to our customers around the world. The product range includes small size for laboratory types as well as large size industrial autoclaves, meeting all quality requirements of our customers.

The company offers complete autoclave systems up to 5 meters in diameter and 63 meters in length with quick closure bayonet door systems offering highest safety standards along with state-of-the-art configuration. We work with internationally well-known certification agencies such as Bureau Veritas, TUV, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers to certify our autoclaves. Akarmak have been supplied more than 500 autoclaves and pressure vessels, manufactured in compliance with CE and ASME applicable certifications.


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Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

Tire Retreading Machinery

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