Ağteks Ltd. has expert engineering and production units in the fields of machine, electronics, software, robotic and textile processes. High
precision mechanisms, special machines used in technical textile production, Industry 4.0 and embedded processor applications, image
processing and artificial intelligence applications are our area of expertise. Ağteks is the leading organization of our country which manufactures high technology and patented machinery and electronic equipment with an experienced Research and Development team in the production of highly precision mechanical, electronic, embedded systems and controller devices and with a rich machine park that can come to realize. Ağteks, established in 1992, was established as
high quality knitting manufacturer in domestic and abroad exporting markets. Ağteks, combined practice and theory, has been started to produce its own machines since 1995. After 2002, it has devoted itself to produce high technology textile machines.

Twisting & Auxiliary Machines

Fabric & Yarn Inspection Systems

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