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ACD is a technology company established in 2004 at the Eskişehir Technology Development Zone Technopark. Our goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of all factories using modern technologies and contribute to the dynamics of the industry.

We operate with the mission of providing our customers with domestic, high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. By conducting R&D and innovation studies within our company, we rapidly respond to customer demands and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to our solutions in Industry 4.0 and smart factories, we also participate in important R&D projects such as Tübitak, Horizon 2020, Itea, and Celtic, representing our country in these projects.

ACD MES - Manufacturing Execution System

ACD MES stands out as a manufacturing execution system that offers technology solutions to production facilities, monitors real-time production parameters, and focuses on increasing efficiency values. It is used to make production processes more efficient and effective. It provides a seamless working environment through machine/operator and ERP integration, sending instant notifications in critical situations to contribute to the more effective management of facilities. Moreover, it offers wireless integration with our Industry 4.0-compatible IoT terminals, monitoring production data in real-time, and is compatible with MT Connect and OPC Server technologies.

ACD DT – Digital Twin Application

ACD DT aims to optimize the success of factories in their digital transformation processes by digitally recreating physical products and processes, offering real-time monitoring, analysis, and improvement possibilities. It creates a virtual copy of equipment and processes in production facilities. When integrated with the ACD MES system, it monitors production parameters in real-time and establishes a relationship between planned and actual production. ACD DT is indispensable for the future of production management and is the key to the success of companies in their digital transformation processes.

ACD EYS – Energy Management System

ACD EYS is an Energy Management System Software designed in accordance with ISO 50001 Energy Management System standards. This software analyzes the energy consumption of production facilities, such as electricity, water, and natural gas, providing the ability to monitor and manage these resources in global standards. ACD EYS aims not only to present energy consumption but also to address energy management as a whole by utilizing hourly varying energy costs, energy market prices, carbon emission tracking, and sectoral comparisons in these analyses.

Our goal at ACD is to further optimize production processes by adding more data analytics and artificial intelligence integration to our products. Through our Digital Twin applications, we aim to bridge the virtual world with the real world, focusing more on energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint to contribute to a sustainable world.


  1. Web-Based Operation:

    • ACD MES software operates on the web, making it accessible from various devices such as tablets, PCs, industrial PCs, and kiosks.
  2. Compatibility:

    • This software is compatible with all platforms, including Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.
  3. In-House Development:

    • ACD manufactures MES software, modules, and IoT terminals in-house.
  4. Licensing Advantage:

    • There are no monthly/yearly license fees for IoT terminals.
  5. Comprehensive Integration:

    • All integrations are performed by ACD, covering ERP, MRP, PDKS, Quality Management System, Maintenance Management System, and more.

Akıllı Fabrika Sistemleri (Smart Factory Systems)

MES, Production Management Systems

SPC, Statistical Process Control Software

APS, Scheduling Software

IMS, Energy Management System

IoT, Data Collection Technologies

LED, Andon Production Monitoring Panels

SMS, Mail, Telegram Instant Notification System

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